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Media Mobile Technologies products are no longer available.

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DVD for Windows allows you to play files from DVD drive, and even a set of popular audio and video formats.

Our player does not support DVD-menus. Need to open the files directly from the disk.
Functional DVD for Windows allow you to:
– Play a variety of audio and video files (VOB, MKV, AVI, MOV, WAV, etc.)
– Customize the sound with the equalizer;
– Sound control, play / pause – with the help of multimedia keyboards;
– Watch the video with subtitles;
– Choice an audio track in the video (if the video supports multiple audio tracks);
– Increase the volume to 200%.

DVD for Windows has a minimalistic interface and fast speed, so that, you can very comfortably and smoothly play various video content.

There are limitations on playing files from password-protected DVDs for Windows Store Apps. Before purchasing the application please do a simple test to check if the app could play your DVD.
Temporary copy a .vob file ~1 Gb of size from your DVD disk to a local folder.
If you are able to do this without getting error, this means that your DVD disk can be played via our App.
Otherwise – no! Thank you for your cooperation!


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