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Media Mobile Technologies products are no longer available.

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DVD Player for Windows

DVD for Windows allows you to play files from DVD drive, and even a set of popular audio and video formats. Our player does not support DVD-menus. Need to open the files directly from the disk. Functional DVD for Windows allow you to: - Play a variety of audio and video files (VOB, MKV, AVI, MOV, WAV, etc.) - Customize the sound with the equalizer; - Sound control, play / pause - with the help of multimedia keyboards; - Watch the video with subtitles; - Choice an audio track in the video (if the video supports multiple audio tracks); - Increase the volume to 200%. DVD for Windows has a minimalistic interface and fast speed, so that, you can very ...


Client for Google Music – Listen to favorite music from Google Play Music and Enjoy!

You can find Client for Google Music in the Windows Store. This app is designed specially for people who like listen to music! This app lets you access to Google Play Music service and you can listen to your music very easy! Using Client for Google Music can listen to tracks from your library; search by own Library; cache tracks and albums; “Thumbs up” playlist; watch videos on YouTube; view album covers and artist photos; add tracks to your library, and much more! This client helps you to use your favorite music service really comfortable! Choose Client for Google Music - And never leave Music World! Download Client for Google Music 8.1 to ...


7z ZIP RAR is UWP App to pack and unpack files easy!

If you want to pack and unpack files without any dificulties you sould try new 7z ZIP RAR! This quick and easy to use archiver will help you to create archives in different formats, such as .zip; .gz; .bz2; .7z; .xz; .iso; .lzma; .cpio; etc. Also it supports eighteen formats to excract files: .zip; .rar; .7z; .bz2; .bzip2; .gz; .gzip; .tgz”, .tar; .iso; .lzma; .lzop others. 7z ZIP RAR has the support of multivolume archives, displays file compression and extraction processes, and also it can extract and create password-protected archives. Very important! 7z ZIP RAR archives really fast saving your personal time. 7z ZIP RAR is UWP App and it is free!


7z ZIP RAR (Ad Free) is convenient and easy to use tool to packing and unpacking files.

7z ZIP RAR (Ad Free) helps you to create archives in “.zip”, “.gz”, “.bz2”, “.7z”, “*.xz”, “.iso”, “.lzma”, “.cpio”, “.ar”, “.lzip”, “.lzop”, “.lz4” and supports more than fifteen formats to unpack files “.zip”, “.7z”, “.bz2”, “.bzip2”, “.gz”, “.gzip”, “.tgz”, “.tar”, “.rar”, “.xz”, “.cab”, “.iso”, “.lzma”, “.cpio”, “.ar”, “.lzip”, “.lzop”, “.lz4”. Forget about all problems associated with the file compression and unpacking! It is very important! Archiving extremely fast and saving your personal time. 7z ZIP RAR (Ad Free) is UWP app. This archiver has the support of multivolume archives, displays packing and unpacking processes, can create and extract password protected archives and allows to set compression parameters when creating an archive. Choose 7z ...


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Media Player Lite supports over 300 formats of audio and video and allows to play media files really comfortable. App has a large variety of settings and the ability to further extend the standard functionality using in-app purchase. Try Media Player Lite now! Enjoy using! :) ...


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Media Player eLite is the full version of app Media Player Lite. Media Player eLite includes the full functionality of Media Player Lite, including paid features. It does not contain any advertising! Nothing will prevent you to enjoy music and videos! Try Media Player eLite right now! ...


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Use 7z ZIP RAR, if you want to pack and unpack files without problems! 7z ZIP RAR supports all popular formats, it allows you to create and extract archives in such formats as 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, TAR, ISO and others. This archiver has the support of ...